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Cuban Refugee Raft Exhibit 

Located beneath a wide shed next to the Administration Building are two unique and thought-provoking watercraft of a far less elegant design. Cobbled together from what many would consider bits and pieces of scrap lumber, canvas, foam, and automotive parts lie two small rafts that were once used by refugees attempting to escape communist Cuba.

Discovered washed up on the beach in Volusia County in 1989, the first of these small rafts may have been used by a family based on the existence of children's clothing. A water bottle, small mast, and other assorted objects were found within the vessel. An orange life preserver tied to the mast indicates that the occupants were rescued by the Coast Guard while at sea.

The second raft, discovered in 1994 is constructed from little more than inner-tubes, foam boards, and scrap lumber. The fate of its former occupants is unknown. Both craft are a poignant reminders of what many have endured to escape persecution and win their freedom.