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Principal Keeper's Dwelling

The largest of the original Light Station dwellings, this building was the home of the Principal keeper and his family. The kitchen wing of the house was originally separated from the living quarters by a short breezeway, but this was eventually enclosed. The kitchen now features an exhibit related to the Lighthouse Service Airways Division. A full cellar lies underneath the kitchen, as well as a 5,000 gallon cistern used to collect rainwater off the roof for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing.

The Principal Keeper's Dwelling also houses exhibits on the $1.25 million restoration of the lighthouse tower, Native American history, the construction of the Light Station, the United States Life-Saving Service, nineteenth century filibuster expeditions to Cuba, Lighthouses of the World interactive kiosks, and Reflections on Light, a hands-on exploration of how light behaves inside a Fresnel lens. Visitors may also view static displays of the building's 1921 bathroom addition and the Keeper's Office